REL Investments Group can help to obtain financing, activate credit line, provide loans against financial instruments, and monetize financial instruments

Our company is capable to offer the most competitive terms when rendering assistance in obtaining the loan financing for both commercial transactions and various business projects. Every project that requires financing will be discussed on individual basis.

It is well known that obtaining a credit in all international banks is a very difficult process. It is mostly impossible for the companies which do not have their credit history in a bank. In order to obtain debt financing for projects our company uses active credit lines of our partners by means of setting-up a “Joint Venture” with the Client’s company. For this joint venture we can arrange the secured loan in a short time and at sufficiently flexible terms against the most common international types of financial instruments, such as:

Debt financing against financial instruments provides our clients with opportunities to obtain financing for their projects of commercial transactions. This type of financing imposes less rigid requirements to the current financial status of client and quality of financial project than traditional project financing.