REL Investments Group specializes in financial and investment consulting services and provides its clients with strategic solutions about obtaining financial instruments widely used in international transactions. We also provide solutions for receiving funds for various projects against financial instruments. Having a good understanding of our clients’ needs, our specialists offer various innovative financial solutions and services.

We use the best practices in financial engineering to solve problems of our clients who are interested in obtaining financial instruments to realize their projects or finance commercial transactions.

We achieve the best results using our direct relationships with institutional investors who are our reliable financial partners. Our experts can guarantee highly professional and confidential consultations in any area of using the financial instruments.

REL Investments Group offers its clients the strategic decisions on the issue of financial instruments and attracting financing secured by financial instruments.

We attract the best international practices for the decision of our Client’s problems.
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Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great

John D. Rockefeller


REL IG, assists in providing their customers various types of financial instruments are widely used in international practice


Collateral based funding imposes less strenuous requirements for client’s financial strength and project quality than traditional project finance


REL IG works to develop solutions that helps to design our client’s request with a clear focused strategy, that meets your goals.


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